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"Danielle's nutritional guide and at home workouts have been amazing. The macro counting and apps have been a huge change in the way I fuel my body and to focus on reaching goals nutritionally and to nourish my body effectively. The at home workouts are my favorite. I have never been into strength training, just cardio, but these daily workouts get my heart beating fast at a cardiovascular level and have changed the shape of my body to leaner and stronger! I love trying to see how strong I've gotten week to week. Danielle has been so supportive during this, helping with nutritional questions, changing my form on workouts when I knew I wasn't doing it right and not judging on an "off plan" eating day. I highly recommend her program to anyone!" - B.T. 37 yrs. old

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"I was a 4 or 5 day a week gym person but when the pandemic hit. I quit the gym and didn't know what to do. I had been going to the gym faithfully for years and I fell off the wagon with working out. I wanted to workout at home but wasn't sure what to do so I walked and biked but was missing lifting weights. When I learned about Wild Fitness, I was amazed! I had no idea that resistance bands and a few weights would be all I needed to build my muscles back and all in the comfort of my own home! No gym needed! I HIGHLY recommend this program, I have had amazing results! My muscles are back!" - L.S. 50 yrs. old

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"I've struggled all of my adult life with crash diets and gym goals that were never successful. This program is exactly what I needed to not only lose weight, but to establish a healthy lifestyle habit! I completed the 6 week program and wanted, no, NEEDED more. I finished the 12 week program feeling amazing! Not only have I lost 16 pounds and down a pants size, but I have a better relationship with exercise and food! I enjoy working out every day. Making better food choices just comes naturally now. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to feel better about themselves! It's not just a diet/workout, its a lifestyle change!" - S.M. 39 yrs. old

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