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6 Week Exercise Program

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This is a SELF PACED program that you will have access to anytime you want up to 6 months after purchase! Workouts are 6 days a week for 45 minutes or less for 6 weeks and is done AT HOME! No gym membership required! This program is designed to teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise and nutrition so you can sustain it long term. Every exercise in this program comes with a video and short written description. You will be doing the same split routines for 2 weeks at a time so that you can spend the first week getting the proper form and technique of the exercise down and the second week you can lift heavy! Workouts are also done in "Superset" form which simply means you will be doing one set of each exercise back to back without resting before moving to the next superset . A customized meal plain tailored to your dietary preferences will also be provided. This will consist of counting your daily calories and macronutrients - fats, carbs and protein! The rest of your life is one workout away - What are you waiting for? Included in program purchase: -Resistance bands -Customized meal plan Not included but required: -A few sets of dumbbells - based on your weight preference -Yoga Mat -Food scale that measures grams *NON-REFUNDABLE*

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